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SEMA Racking Inspections

Do you already have racking or storage in place, but need to know if it complies with the latest safety standards? It is recommended that full inspection of rack structures be scheduled at least every 12 months – ensure the safety of your employees and stock with a full racking inspection from Scotrack.
Scotrack offer racking safety inspections carried out by their own qualified SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association) Approved Racking Inspectors. Whether for an impending health & safety audit, or a routine racking inspection – Scotrack can assist you.
When you have your racking inspected by Scotrack, you will receive a comprehensive damage and safety report, which classifies your storage in line with the latest SEMA guidelines using a simple traffic light system – indicating green, amber and red risk.
Give us a call today, or use the contact us form to arrange a suitable date for an inspection. One of our in-house inspectors will visit your site and complete an independent walk-round inspection. Any urgent risks will be flagged up for you on the day, followed by a comprehensive report detailing all damage or risks present.

If you choose, Scotrack can follow up our report with a quotation detailing parts and labour to repair any damages or address risk factors. Scotrack complete any repairs and update the safety report, and can provide visible load notices for your racking, confirming the date of inspection.